Co-organized by the Department of Chemical Sciences, IISER Mohali

Symposium dates: 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday) November, 2019.

Venue: Auditorium, LHC, IISER Mohali

The first edition of the CRIKC Chemistry Symposium (CCS-2019), a chemistry symposium between CRIKC institutions, will be held on Nov 2 and 3, 2019. This symposium aims at providing a platform for interaction and fostering collaborative and interdisciplinary chemistry research among all CRIKC institutions. During the symposium, eminent scientists from National Institutions will deliver plenary lectures and the faculty of CRIKC institutions will deliver talks on their research activities in different domains of Chemical Sciences. In addition, students will also get an opportunity to present their research in the form of posters. Selected posters will be awarded as "Best Posters", sponsored by the American Chemical Society (ACS).


Organizing Institutions

IISER Mohali

Panjab University IIT Ropar INST NIPER Mohali



Best Poster Prizes have been awarded to the following Posters:

P-04 Aditi Vijay, INST Mohali
Title: Effect of water intake capacity and ionic strength on the
reverse micellar system: A SAXS study.
P-23 Ekta Shandilya, IISER Mohali
Title: Enzymatically controlled transiency in multivalent
chemical fuel-driven assembly
P-30 Gurudutt Dubey, NIPER Mohali
Title: NL2(+) Type Phase Transfer Catalyst for Amidation of
Unactivated Esters
P-47 Mayank Saraswat, IISER Mohali
Title: Thermal and Photochemical Reactivity Pathways in
Dehydro-diazines: Formation of HCCCN, HCCNC and HCN
P-64 Rajesh Das, IIT Ropar
Title: Construction of 3D Bifunctional Metal-Organic
Frameworks (mofs) for Selective Capture and Utilization of
Carbon Dioxide at RT
P-53 Navpreet, INST Mohali
Title: Ultralong cycle life and outstanding capacitive
performance of a 10.8 V metal free microsupercapacitor
with highly conducting and robust laser-irradiated
graphene for an integrated storage device
P-85 Surinder Kaur Brar, Panjab University, Chandigarh
Title: Short aromatic peptide based self-assembled micro
architects for water remediation
P-87 Swati Tanwar, INST Mohali
Title: DNA origami directed self- assembled hybrid
nanoantennas for single molecule spectroscopic